Lady Snake is trapped in the tower away from her husband, she is endeavoring to escape from there.

Thousands of years ago

There was a white snake spirit who has been practicing Taoist magical in the hope of becoming an immortal after centuries of training. One day, a young man saved her life accidentally and therefore she felt grateful to him and their fates become intertwined.

Falling in love

It took hundreds of years for the white snake to become a gorgeous, charming lady called Suzhen Bai. She found the reincarnation of the young man, Xu Xian in Hangzhou, and they gradually fallen in love eventually married.

Trapped in Tower

However, their races, human and fairy snake, made their marriage not blessed by Buddhism and Taoism. A famous monk, FaHai, took charge of separating them apart. Finally, lady snake was defeated by FaHai and was detained in Lei Feng Pagoda located in Hangzhou.

Then, it comes to our game. After being imprisoned for eighteen years, Bai has regained part of her power and cannot wait for reunion with her family members. However, she finds that out of her room, there are still many guards and defensing towers in every floor of Leifeng Pagoda. Players will help Fairy Snake to escape from the tower and meet her husband.

Game Insights

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Level 1: Fall Theme.

Protect yourself from Skeletons, bats, and monks. Eat food and wait for the exit.

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Level 2: Summer Theme.

Avoid various obstacles while searching for foods to maintain health level.Accumulate power waiting for exit for next level!

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Level 3: Spring Theme.

Try to explore what lies under obstacles, and find special effects of hidden items. Watch out for obstacles, some can be destroyed, some can not.

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Boss Level: Winter Theme.

The final Boss is coming! Protect yourself from the attack of Boss Fahai while trying to destroy all of little monks. That's the only way to break boss's defence and beat him.


Our LadySnake game has more attractions and innovations comparing to the classic Snake game.

Strong Entertainment

Different from original Snake game, we combine three other modes with the original game rules. The obstacle elimination element, special props element, and boss attacking element will be added to our game levels providing more exciting game experience for players.

Run Smoothly

There will be a direction pad on the left to control the move of the snake, and an attack button on the right to attack the monk and elimate the obstacles. The difficulty of each level of the game will be gradual, even the children of six years old can easily manipulate the game.

Cultural propaganda

Colorful Chinese cultural elements will blend into this game. The game story which origins from the Chinese legend will smoothly develop with the increase of the game level promoting the players to know about Chinese culture.

We look forward to all feedbacks.
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